Colorful Styles for the Fall that Not Many People Have (Baja Hoodies)

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Back in the day, hoodies were extremely popular. Now I would say that it just depends upon what region of the US you live in and what the weather looks like during the Fall season.

I always like to keep my wardrobe fresh and colorful even when the weather is growing cooler. One great way that I have been able to add to my Fall wardrobe is through purchasing my very first Baja hoody online. I ended up finding it at a store called Mexican Blankets. These guys were awesome to deal with, and I also got a sweet deal on my purchase. I would highly recommend these guys if you are in need of a Baja hoody.

I particularly liked all of the color variety that they hand in stock when I last shopped with them.

You can visit them at

New Yoga Gym Needing Yoga Supplies?

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Yoga gyms and studios are popping up like Starbucks in San Fransisco right now. Many entrepreneurs and fitness enthusiasts are catching on to the popularity of the sport and cashing in by starting a local gym or studio in their own neighborhood. If this applies to you, then do we have the right place for you.

Yoga mats and fitness equipment are offered online at wholesale rates to gyms and the general public that are either looking to buy in bulk or just needing a new yoga mat. The place to go to for these products is Wholesale Yoga Mats. At this website you can purchase all of your yoga needs right in one spot. They are open 24/7 obviously, and they offer superior customer service. They are even owner operated.

Stand back Wal-Mart, Target, and all of the other online retailers, because Wholesale Yoga Mats is here to stay. They offer a wide variety of yoga mats, yoga blocks, and gear that can fill any yoga gym or studio.

You can visit them direct online at:

Are You a Yoga Block Fanatic?

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Of course there are many yogis out there that think they have mastered every yoga routine and pose. The awesome thing about yoga however, is that yoga is an ever expanding sport. It will never really end. It is kind of like gymnastics with-out the high stress. Yoga really helps your body to get tone and fit. By using yoga blocks, your yoga routine can really excel to the next level.

Through the aide of yoga blocks, you can stretch your yoga limits by training your body to bend, mold, and conform to the proper yoga form for harder yoga poses. Yoga blocks protect your body from hard floors so that you can learn new routines without harming your body or stressing out your muscles.

As always, Wholesale Yoga Mats can provide any yoga mat or yoga block to your home, gym, or place of business. Make sure to look them up on Google search. You will be glad that you did.

Yoga Blocks Helping to Brace Your Body During Yoga Routines

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Yoga blocks are for every type of yoga lover. With yoga blocks you can brace your body for hard routines that can add stress to your joints, muscles, and ligaments. Yoga blocks are much like yoga “training wheels” in a sense. Yoga blocks are used to shield your body from hurt, harm, and danger while trying out new yoga routines and poses.

If any of our blog members have some other ways that yoga blocks have helped you or others out, feel free to share your yoga expertise in the comments section below. Here at Sunshine Yoga, we like to think of ourselves as a yoga community where you can share any yoga experience.

Yoga On!

Yoga Mats at Deep Discounts

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Have you ever gone into a Wal-Mart trying to find a simple item such as yoga mats, and had to look for the sporting goods section, look for someone to help you out, then found that their product offerings were not what you were looking for in the first place? Well, look no further. Wholesale Yoga Mats is your one-stop shop for some of the cheapest yoga mats, gear, and accessories that you can find online.

For the record, I do not officially work for either Wholesale Yoga Mats or Sunshine Yoga, but I have found it always painful to step into a Wal-Mart or even buy from Wal-Mart due to the fact that many if not most of their products directly come from China. If I buy from there, I am directly supporting globalized job-outsourcing and manufacturing all while supporting another country’s economy. All politics aside, I have personally found it far better to buy products, goods, and services from local businesses and manufacturers when possible.

Wholesale Yoga Mats is one such company that is local, and whose company structure is of the entrepreneurial small business mentality that keeps our American dollars in the local economy. So the next time that you or someone else needs any yoga mats, gear, or fitness accessories, make sure to spread the word about Wholesale Yoga Mats. They truly are the real deal.

And as always, keep it local!

Fall is Coming, Make Sure to Get Stocked Up on Yoga Mats and Yoga Gear for the Upcoming Season

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It is that time a year again. Yoga season! This is the season when people have to move their workout routine indoors if you live in the Northern region of the US. This is the time of season where you should be looking at swim-suit season for next summer. So get out your yoga mats, and let’s have a little fireside chat.

I have had many friends always tell me, “This season, this year, I am going to get into shape.” Maybe that statement was even a New Year’s resolution that never came to fruition. Whatever the case is though, you have to start your yoga mats routine today and not tomorrow.

Here at Sunshine Yoga, we practice what we preach. Our whole entire staff is dedicated to staying in shape, being healthy, and having a well-balanced diet. A great work-out routine is simply not enough any more. A well-balanced life style gives you more energy to get through your day like a champ. Stop doing it for bathing suit season anymore like it is a part-time job. Being healthy and exercising should be a part of your everyday routine.

Until next time, Yoga on!

Unbeatable Prices on Yoga Mats

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Here at Sunshine Yoga, we are not a used car showroom that yells at you to buy our stuff. We respect our clients, their privacy, and we simply concentrate on meeting your yoga mats or fitness needs through our web-store.

If you ever have a need, and it is a product offering not currently on our site, make sure to send us an email, or call us direct from our contact link on our home page. We always want to meet the yoga mats needs of our clients, even if we need to be carrying an item that we don’t currently have on our online store.

We always have our most popular products in stock and ready to go! Sunshine Yoga is a place where you can buy anything from yoga mats, yoga blocks, and fitness equipment all at the best pricing online. Stop in to see what we are offering today.

Yoga Mats Adding to the Value and Quality of Your Life

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Yoga is not a fad anymore. Many times when new sports or activities are introduced, it takes a little bit of time for some people to see if something is a trend, fad, or if something starts turning into an actual sport. Yoga is one such sport. As trendy as yoga is, it is most important when you are starting out to get some yoga mats for you, your friend, or a significant other.

Yoga mats and yoga  blocks help your body to get into shape safely. These yoga items protect your body from muscle fatigue, stress, and improper form while learning new yoga exercises. Along with all of the benefits above, a good solid yoga routine can help both your body and mind come to a relaxing point after a very long day at work. Whatever the reason, here at Sunshine Yoga we have you covered.

All of our yoga mats, yoga blocks, and fitness equipment are in stock and ready to be shipped to your doorstep or place of business. Yoga mats, accessories, gear, and exercise equipment all in one spot at great value. Come see what we are offering today. Value and quality of life is what we are all about.

The Yoga Block Perfect for Your Yoga Routine

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Yoga blocks are an essential part to learning new yoga routines without hurting yourself. Yoga mats and yoga blocks were invented and designed to save your body while learning new and advanced yoga routines.

Oftentimes yoga blocks are used to brace your body while being new to the sport as a brace between you and your body. Training wheels so to speak. Although these training wheels are far more stylish than training wheels. With a yoga block, you can give your body the give that it needs to hold a yoga pose when your body might not initially be strong enough. This “training wheel” yoga block will also help you to keep the proper form while doing yoga exercises.

If you are ever in need of any yoga mats, yoga blocks, or fitness equipment, make sure to check out our website on a monthly, as we always keep a fresh inventory of all the the most popular yoga products and exercise equipment.

Until next time, yoga on!

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Yoga Mats and Using Yoga Blocks

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If you are new to the world of yoga, yoga mats, and using yoga blocks, welcome to our beginner’s guide to yoga.

Yoga is an awesome core, mind, body, and spirit exercise that promotes your health and well-being. Many people use yoga as an exercise. Some people use yoga as a spiritual or meditative renewal process. Whatever the case, yoga is a very helpful routine that helps your body to relax and get into shape.

The very first step of this process is to pick the proper yoga mats to be comfortable while doing your yoga routine.

Yoga mats do not have to be complicated. The very best thing to keep in mind while choosing your first yoga mat is to buy a mat that is comfortable, protects your back, and shields your body from hurting yourself during your workout. Many times yoga blocks can also be used in conjunction with your yoga mat to start out or move on to more advanced yoga routines.

A couple of great helpful hints when starting out is to just look up some yoga routines on YouTube instead of signing up for a yoga studio right away. That way you can make sure that you like yoga in the first place. By taking the advice above, protecting your body, and limiting your initial yoga investment you will be saving yourself time, money, and harm to your body by taking some initial simple steps.

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